Chiara Esposito / Sometimes a plant dreams

Sometimes a plant dreams of flying
(the dream of flying)
50 x 50 x 30 cm (with plant) Drone, plant, electronics 2013

Movements in plants are usually imperceptible and associated with growth or following the sun. Plants that are capable of rapid movements look like animals or strange chimeras. But some plants indeed have an affinity with the air and the flight: some have no roots and get their nutrients from the air, others use the wind to let their seeds move quicker, or need the action of insects or birds to reproduce. Dandelions let their seeds fly gently, other plants spit them out like rockets. Every plant reacts to the environment in a different way.

An interface enables a plant to control a body extension: a small flying device.

The interface measures the electrical activity of the plant and uses the gathered data to control the flight. The plant works here as an actor and a sensor, creating an open system in which visitors and the environment are actively participating to influence the pattern of the flying device.

Thanks to

Interface Cultures Lab
ÖH Stipendium 2013
Speculum Artium Festival