Chiara Esposito / La scatola di Pan (Pan’

La scatola di Pan (Pan’s box) 24,5 x 16 x 15 cm Laser cutted plexiglas, speaker, microphone, electronics 2014

Pan’s box is a noise memory.

The artwork is inspired by the Greek myth of Pan, who was accounted as the cause of the inexplicable noises in the woods who scared the travelers.
It is a memory box for noises, that accumulates and get altered over time, and eventually dissolve.

When visitors open the box, it records audio fragments and add them to the others that are already memorized.
At the same time, he listens to an overlaying of the previously recorded sounds.

The box has a different sound in different environment as the space interacts with the audio feedback process.
The box memories are destined to disappear in a controlled feedback sound after a certain time.